DIY Reusable Dryer Sheet/Cleaning Wipes


Did you know that dryer sheets contain at least seven toxins which have been linked to everything from breathing problems, such as asthma, to neurological disorders, including dementia? Dryer sheets! That’s something almost everyone uses daily. When the dryer heats up, these chemicals are released into the air and then stay on your clothing where you and your family not only breath them in, but absorb them through your skin through contact with your clothing. Yikes, right? The good news is you don’t have to settle for that. You can make your own dryer sheets. There are a few ways that I know of to make them, but I like, no , I LOVE this formula for making dryer sheets. My clothes come out of the dryer feeling so soft and smelling wonderful and that’s saying a lot when you have a houseful of boys and a husband who runs the kitchen in a busy restaurant.

Don’t worry that your laundry will come out smelling like vinegar, as soon as they dry, the smell dissipates, and you’re left with clean smelling, static free clothing for your whole family. As a bonus, you can feel good knowing your family’s clothing is safe for them and the environment, because the rags will last a year or more, you only need to add more vinegar and essential oil periodically, just keep putting them back in the container and throw it in the dryer with the next load.

I have recently discovered the fact that these make wonderful wipes to clean up small messes, and to freshen things up quickly. Because they are reusable, you can through them in the wash and use them again and again. I cut this pack into eighths, which gave me 32 rags for a little over $2, when you consider how much use you’ll get out of these, that’s a great deal!

To make these wipes, you’ll need:

1 C White Vinegar

15 Drops essential oil, I used lavender, you can use any that you’d like and add more or        less to your preference

Microfiber cloths or other reusable material cut to preferred size.

Jar or container – Wipe containers are the perfect size for these rags, which I cut into eighths.